You want to improve your wellbeing but sometimes changing your diet and lifestyle can feel really overwhelming. Should I follow this diet or that? Should I count macros or count calories? What can I eat to stop feeling tired all the time?  Sometimes it feels so though the easy option is to just not bother! Here are 5 ways to improve your wellbeing starting today!.

If you want to get started making some changes but you don’t know where to start then here are a few simple and super-easy things you can start doing today. 


It could not be easier to get better hydrated by just increasing your water intake- it’s free and readily available. Try having a water bottle on your desk and aiming to empty it by lunchtime. Doing this will have a knock-on effect on your digestive system, your liver, your energy levels and focus, it can also help with appetite regulation – often our brains will confuse the feelings of thirst with hunger. 

Move More

If you’re not able to fit in a workout everyday then moving a bit more and doing some extra steps can help increase your NEAT calories – this refers to Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis – we all burn calories going about our usual activities . Increase yours by walking around while you’re on the phone, try a standing desk or just fidget a bit more while you’re working.  Standing for an hour (when you are using a standing desk, for example) burns 174 cals/hour compared to just 100 when you’re sitting. 


Focus on not just the hours you sleep but also the activities you do before you sleep – do you look at your phone, do you read?  If you wake up frequently during the night look at possible links with what you have been eating that evening, or if you have exercised, perhaps you are stressed or worried? Improving sleep quality /duration helps with so many areas of the body. 

Protein At Every Meal

This might not seem so easy at first if you’re used to having jam on toast for breakfast but start with your dinners as this is the easiest meal, then move on to lunches and breakfasts. Some ideas for breakfast are scrambled eggs on toast or with vegetables, porridge made with almond milk and topped with nuts and seeds, a big smoothie bowl with added protein powder and topped with berries, nuts and seeds. 

Meal Timing

Energy slumps can happen when our blood sugar is low, this is also when cravings can become unstoppable! As well as eating protein at every meal, which will help with blood sugar balance, you can also look at the timing between meals/snacks. If you have lunch at 12 but then don’t eat anything until dinner at 6 you are going to be so hungry you’ll make all the wrong choices for dinner as well as feeling hangry and exhausted all afternoon. Try to space your meals evenly through the day, with a snack where necessary. 

Try these 5 simple ways to improve your wellbeing everyday for a week and although I’m not going to say I guarantee you’ll feel the difference, I really do believe you will! 

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