Workplace Wellness

I offer a range of programs and services to benefit your employees and enhance wellness in the workplace. This can range from an educational but interactive discussion around food and health to private mini-consultations for employees. The following are examples of possible sessions but sessions will always be structured to meet the requirements of your corporate wellbeing programme and the needs of the employees.


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Stress Management

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An interactive, discussion-based session.

The effects of stress on the mind and body are explored in relation to the role of nutrition. 

This session would cover:

How to eat to combat the effects of stress.

How to structure eating across the working day to maximise energy levels and focus.

A demonstration of a quick healthy stress-busting lunch and snacks. 

Recipes and handouts




Online, with flexible scheduling

This will give employees the opportunity to address health and nutrition concerns in a private setting. They will receive evidence-based nutrition advice and practical lifestyle recommendations related to their goals and concerns.


Mini Consultations

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