Perimenopause Programme




Reset your hormones and get on track to a healthy menopause with this 5 week programme.


I am offering a 5 week approach to support women aged 40+ during their hormonal changes. This programme provides everything a woman needs from the first changes that occur which can be 10 years before the menopause, all the way through the menopause. 


Designed to help balance your hormones and support you during this transitional time, you will  benefit from education, targeted supplements and dietary and lifestyle recommendations. The programme and supplements are also designed to be safe to use alongside HRT. 


Taking a unique 360 degree approach, we will support the adrenal and thyroid hormones in addition to the sex hormones (oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone). We will also address the importance of gut health, blood sugar balance, quality sleep, and liver function. 

This programme is for you, if you are….

    • 40+
    • Experiencing symptoms of menopause or perimenopause, such as low energy, low mood and anxiety, stubborn weight gain, increased PMS symptoms, joint pain, hot flushes and low libido
    • Feel you need a constant supply of caffeine, sugar or alcohol to keep going  through another stressful, exhausting day 
    • Want to know more about what is going on inside your body and the steps you can take to get back in control
    • Would like to support your body naturally through  the perimenopausal and menopausal years whether it’s with or without HRT
    • You are ready for a clean, healthy eating plan and some new year motivation!
    • You just want to feel like yourself again



Rachel Larkin Perimenopause Programme

What’s Included?

Rachel Larkin Perimenopause Programme

– Nutri Advanced Perimenopause Supplement Pack (RRP £157):

Glutathione complex – To support liver detoxification,

Mega Mag PeriMeno Plus – A magnesium complex specifically targeted to women over 40

Estrolibrium – A Vitamin and mineral complex with flaxseed and broccoli to support healthy oestrogen balance.

5 x 1 hour weekly ZOOM education sessions. These will be recorded and posted to the Facebook group for catch up, they will include a Q&A session.

Flexible meal planner, recipes, food lists and easy meal cheats. I will also provide plenty of additional inspiration and recipe ideas throughout the programme.

Weekly 30min ZOOM discussions with other expert practitioners: Fitness in Midlife, Anxiety in Menopause, Grey Area Drinking and Life Organisation Hacks.

Workbook and Self Care Planner to record progress/goals

Private Facebook group. Open a week before the programme starts.

60 Minute Consultation with me upon completion of the programme. I will set you on the right track to continue your new healthy habits for the long term.



I took Rachel’s perimenopause course because I was struggling with intense brain fog, had lots of sleepless nights and a massive lack of energy and clarity. It was really starting to get me down. What I loved about the course was that there was no black and white. Nobody said “You may never eat bread or drink wine again”. Rachel and her guest experts were really knowledgeable, approachable and realistic instead. My memory improved, really within the first week or two. And as a nice bonus, I lost four kilos, which has stayed off, so I fit my clothes again. And probably most importantly, even now, several months later, I’m sleeping soundly every single night. I feel completely relieved to have my sanity back and I can’t recommend her program highly enough. 


My biggest struggle in the beginning was feeling stuck in a rut, food wise. I didn’t really know what foods would help me at this stage.  I really enjoyed the variety of the recipes and suggestions of what foods have added benefit.
I also really enjoyed the guest speakers each week, I gained a really good insight into different topics. It added an important dimension to the course and the subjects were varied and interesting.
I have gained a new interest in cooking from scratch and being more organised doing my weekly shop and meal planning.
I feel more confident in my approach to my own menopause care and understand how all aspects contribute towards overall results – diet, lifestyle as well as HRT. Overall I got far more from the course than originally anticipated.
Rachel is a delight to deal with, friendly caring and very knowledgable in this area. I would not hesitate to recommend this course for those at any stage of their menopause/ peri menopause journey.

This programme is not…

  • A quick fix to solve all your symptoms in 5 weeks.  It can take years for these symptoms to develop so the 5 week programme is to help you start making the changes that will set you on the path to managing these symptoms in the longer term.
  • A ‘Diet’ or ‘Detox’. The food and supplement plan are based on the latest scientific research. You will be eating real food rich in nutrients, fibre, healthy fats, gut supporting compounds and plant phytochemicals to boost your health and nourish and support the body. This is not a quick fix!!     
  • Just for weight loss. Stubborn weight gain particularly around the middle can be one of the most frustrating effects of the menopause. This programme is not focusing specifically on weight loss, there is not calorie counting or macro tracking. However we do focus on the mechanisms that are linked to weight gain and weight loss, the changes we make to our diet and lifestyle in the programme often lead to weight loss as well as increased energy and all the other lovely results!

What Next?

Course Investment: £299*

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* All payments are non-refundable

* Includes all supplements 

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