Nutrition Packages


A program tailored to your requirements over 30 days or more.

All packages include online consultations, coaching calls throughout the program, email support, meal planning guidance, recipes, handouts and all the resources you will need to get back on track. NLP coaching is built into the longer time-frame packages because addressing mindset and your relationship with food is key to achieving long-lasting changes.


This is the perfect way to implement long term, sustainable changes to your diet so that healthy eating becomes second nature. A personalised program will provide all the support you need. Whether you need to support ongoing health issues, lose weight or maybe you just feel totally overwhelmed when it comes to changing your eating habits.



You want to overhaul your diet, keep in shape or boost your energy levels.

You have a busy lifestyle and are looking for some expert advice and practical support to make the changes.

You’re confident you’ll be able to run with the programme once you get started.


You’ve decided that now is the time to focus on a health issue that’s been bothering you and you know that you’d benefit from coaching support with regular and flexible contact time to suit your busy schedule.

You want to take a proactive approach to your health and take control of your diet and lifestyle. 


You are busy, overwhelmed and ready to dedicate time for yourself. To transform your relationship with food, your mind and your body to achieve optimum health.

You’re looking for expert nutritional advice, ongoing accountability and personalised coaching. You may have complex health concerns or a history of yoyo dieting.

Health MOT

One-off support and advice. 

Investment: £95

Perhaps you are eating pretty well and keeping fit but just want to make sure you’re eating the right foods to lose those last few pounds, or get the best out of your workouts?
The Health MOT involves taking a detailed food diary and in an online consultation I will provide feedback and suggestions for simple, sustainable changes that will help you feel better and eat better. You will receive a 7 day meal plan for inspiration , complete with recipes and a shopping list. Think of it like an MOT for your body and mind! 
Health MOT nutribalance

To find out more about these programs and which one would be right for you please book a free nutrition assessment call. This is a completely free, no-obligation call to allow me to find out more about you and your nutrition concerns. It is also an opportunity for you to ask me any questions you may have.

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