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Do you want to feel like yourself again? I help stressed, tired, busy and overwhelmed clients get back on track. I offer 1-1 Programmes, a group Perimenopause Programme (Now on a waitlist for Sept ’22), functional testing and NLP mindset coaching.

We’re exposed to so many conflicting messages about diet and lifestyle. Find out how to eat for your body and mind using evidence-based recommendations that will enable you to make long term sustainable changes.  Book a free assessment now to find out how I can help you.

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Rachel Larkin

How do you feel?

Perhaps you are fed up of waking up in the night, feeling tired all day and unable to focus. Maybe you are finding you are more irritable and anxious. Do you find that ‘diets’ no longer work and that extra weight seems to be here to stay? Or do you feel bloated and uncomfortable and don’t know what you should be eating to improve your digestion? 

Say Hello to

             Feeling more energized and ready to face the day

             Feeling in control of your diet

             Feeling comfortable in your own skin

             Enjoying buying clothes again

             Regaining your lost confidence

Small changes in diet and lifestyle can have a big impact on your energy levels, sleep patterns, hormone balance,  digestive health and other functions.   

How I can help

 I offer a range of programs and services and can help you choose the one that is best for you and your requirements.

Personalised Programmes

The perfect way to implement long term, sustainable changes.  Whether you need to support ongoing health issues, lose weight or maybe you just feel totally overwhelmed when it comes to changing your eating habits. This can be over 30 days or more.  

Functional Testing

Where applicable I may recommend functional testing,  depending on specific health concerns. For example, these tests may measure nutrient status, food sensitivities, sex hormones, adrenal function, thyroid hormones.   

Custom Meal Plans

I can create a customised meal plan to cater for any requirements such as celiac, low FODMAP, macro-balanced, dairy-free, HFLC, paleo etc. I also have generic healthy eating plans available in vegetarian, vegan and meat/fish versions. 

Motivational Coaching

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a form of talking therapy, enabling you to address your relationship with food and emotional eating. You will create new, lasting habits and change your patterns of thought and behaviour. 


Professional, approachable, empathetic nutritional coaching and therapy based on the latest evidence and research.”  


Just love Rachel. Her wealth of knowledge is astounding. She has helped me so much. Putting my eating habits into prospective and encouraging me to create a new eating programme for myself. This has given me far more energy and I’ve lost the lows in the afternoon where you reach for the biscuit tin!” 


“I have lost half a stone,…my body shape has changed so that is fantastic, so pleased.

I am really enjoying the food I eat, I have only eaten maybe two slices of bread a week and I don’t even crave it like I used to. “


“I have lost another 3 stone, my bones have stopped hurting, inflammation has gone from my blood tests and my energy levels are so much better. Rachel’s NLP also stopped me craving chocolate and mince pies”


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