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We’re exposed to so many conflicting messages about what we should and shouldn’t be eating. With all the quick-fix, celebrity- endorsed diets that are out there it can be confusing to find the right way to eat for your mind and body.
Wouldn’t it be much easier if you could access information that was based on science and enables long term sustainable change?

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NutriBalance offer a range of personalised services and programmes

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Nutrition and lifestyle changes to improve your health and wellbeing

As a qualified and registered Nutritional Therapist and NLP practitioner, I work with clients 1-1. Offering fully personalised programmes to help stressed, tired and busy people to improve their health and wellbeing giving simple nutrition and lifestyle advice to create new healthy habits that fit into your lifestyle.
My clients tend to be lacking in energy, willpower and time and just want to feel like ‘themselves’ again. I am all about making long term sustainable changes, I use my experience as an NLP coach to develop new healthy habits, create a positive relationship with food and address issues with willpower. I want to give you clear, simple advice that will help you to learn what to eat, but also give you the structure and support that you need to stay on track.

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The first step in starting your journey to wellness is to schedule a short phone call with me to discuss any health concerns, your goals and how I can work with you to achieve them. This is a free and no-obligation service.

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Chronic health conditions can have a detrimental effect both physically and mentally, let’s support these conditions with improved nutrition.


Overcoming emotional eating and building motivation, willpower, and new healthy habits is all related to your mindset


Small changes in diet and lifestyle can have a big impact on sleep patterns, hormone balance, digestive health and other functions to leave you feeling more energized and ready to face the day.

Nutritional Therapy

Here are some conditions that can be supported by Nutritional Therapy:

Weight loss

Digestive issues

Gut health

Low energy

Auto immune conditions

Chronic inflammatory conditions

Low mood and anxiety

Functional Testing

Functional testing may be recommended in addition to your programme, they can give us more information:

Food intolerances and allergies

Environmental sensitivities

Nutrient deficiencies

Hormone imbalances

Digestive function

Metabolic function

Functional Medicine

I use a functional medicine approach to addressing my clients’ health, this differs from traditional approaches

History, physiology and lifestyle are all taken into account

Evidence–based nutrition and lifestyle recommendations

A Non-traditional, integrative approach

Address the underlying causes instead of masking the symptoms

Supplements and testing may also be recommended


Rachel is professional, discreet, understanding, warm & above all kind. Since seeing her, I have made some huge decisions regarding factors in my life & I wouldn't have done that if it wasn't for her. I am in a much better place mentally & physically.

Mrs P.

Burgess Hill

Professional, approachable, empathetic nutritional coaching and therapy based on the latest evidence and research

Sussex Zest

Fitness Studio, Haywards Heath

Just love Rachel Howell. Her wealth of knowledge is astounding. Putting my eating habits into prospective and encouraging me to create a new eating programme for myself. This has given me far more energy and I've lost the lows in the afternoon where you reach for the biscuit tin! I feel calmer fitter and far more able to make the right choices.

Mrs W


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